Adrien Dusilence is a visual thinker who has developed his works alone and outside the influence of the artistic environment.

Disconnected from the outside world, he has created his own universe which he defines as a turbulent search for the meaning of life, of existence, of the why, and of the self. This is reflected in thousands of drawings which are only reflections on the human being confronted with himself and his place in a dehumanized world.






















Affected by a form of autism from a young age, drawing was his primary means of communication, today he uses his pencils to break through his bubble and share his view of the world with others. 


"By living my life in an autism bubble, I got away from the world to make a pact with silence: I sold my soul to paper"

About - Adrien Dusilence - Dessins du silence
About - Adrien Dusilence - Dessins du silence
About - Adrien Dusilence - Dessins du silence

make the masks fall down...


Emotional art not only expresses the inner malaise, but also the absolute happiness of the loss of the artist's "self".


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